A Case For ‘KPGA Vs JGTO’ End of Season Tournament

Why doesn’t this become an annual event? Politics and money of course…

It’s pretty obvious that the goal of many KPGA players is to eventually play abroad with the Japan Tour being the most sought after destination. There has always been a neighbourly rivalry between these two countries, but why not establish an annual event where the top 10 Korean players on or attached to the KPGA Tour compete against the top 10 Korean players dedicated to playing on the Japan Tour?  Lets pop Soomin Lee, Siwoo Kim, KJ Choi, Jeunghun Wang and Byeong Hun An onto the KPGA team, seen as they are more affiliated with the KPGA than the JGTO!

If this was to happen, based on this seasons Order of Merits, here’s what the teams would be (factoring in the players Tour preference):

                   KPGA                                                                JGTO                      


                  Jinho Choi                                                          KT Kim

                 Changwoo Lee                                                   Younghan Song

                 Hyungjoon Lee                                                  Kyoung Hoon Lee

                 Heungchul Joo                                                   Hyun Woo Ryu

                 Jungho Yoon                                                      Jun Won Park

                 Soomin Lee                                                        Sang Hyun Park

                 Siwoo Kim                                                          Hyun Sung Kim

                 KJ Choi                                                               Jung Gon Hwang

                 Jeunghun Wang                                                 Min Gyu Cho

                 Byeong Hun An                                                  Seung Hyuk Kim


Yes, there are some players left out that would be great additions- Byung Min Cho, Sanghee Lee, Taehoon Kim, Kyung Jung Moon etc etc…this is all hypothetical remember!

You cannot say that this would not be a great spectacle to watch, with bragging rights adding extra motivation for the players. But what about money, sponsors, players commitments? Make it a one/two day event over an off weekend and donate proceedings to charities across Korea if needs be. The game is continuing to grow here, but needs to be promoted to coincide with its development. An event like this would be great for the game.

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