I need more hours in my day

HOLE IN ONEAs much as I would like to post on here on a regular basis, I literally have zero time at the moment for the following reasons:

1. I have started working at a new university, so the joys of lesson planning has returned to my life…

2. I have also been extremely lucky to pick up a part-time writing gig with the PGA Tour for the lead up to The Presidents Cup.

3. My studies…oh my studies…which have basically chewed up all of my social life until I have to submit my thesis in October this year.

I had a fantastic time in Chiang Mai even though I did not complete my CELTA course, due to a number of factors. Because of this, I did get to spend four days at the Thai Classic which was certainly a lot more rewarding experience than sitting in a class room… Here is the reason why…


Haha, the luck of the Irish strikes again!!

Over and out until who knows when…


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