Going back to the DPRK in July

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Well, who would have guessed it? Last year, I decided to go on the most surreal, incredible, confusing, amazing vacation I thought I would ever experience. Six days in North Korea was certainly something I will never forget. However…now it seems like I will be heading back up north for a month…

A couple of months ago I applied for a volunteer teaching position at Pyongyang Institute of Science and Technology, not thinking about the possibility that I may get accepted…well I did!

I received an email yesterday asking me if I was still interested in this position, and it didn’t take long to reply and accept. My parents may not be too happy though. I had planned a trip home this summer, but now when I tell them that North Korea is taking preference, they surely won’t reply with, ”Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun”. More like ”Kenneth, are you okay?”

It’s funny to hear peoples perceptions of a place they have never visited, and whose opinions are solely based on the media.

2 thoughts on “Going back to the DPRK in July

  1. Hey Kenneth!

    Good stuff here. I enjoyed the read. North Korea? Very, very cool. I wish I could join you. What an amazing opportunity in every regard. Keep in touch, I’d love to read about your journey. I know KNU will miss you.

    Sincere regards,

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